Sunday Cleanup and Cute dollyxx

This sunday I thought I would generally have an enormous clearout  of all unwanted possessions and the like. There appears to be a constant build up of paraphanalia that one aquires over the years so I decided to have a keep , throw charity day. One area for items to keep and one for charity and one that is no good to anyone that will go to the local recycling centre. So far i’ve done really well. I have managed to clear out a lot of old books that I no longer find useful or could easily upload to my kindle taking up no floor space at all. Loads of my academic books have had to go although it is difficult to part with them as they meant a lot to me whilst studying for my degrees. The trouble is even if I do go on to study for a Masters they will doubtless be of no use anyway so they were the first on the culling list.

I haven’t thrown any of my craft books away as I really do use them a lot as a point of reference but I never realized how many I have! (oops) I also have about twenty rupert bear annuals that quite honestly I might as well take to a charity shop as they aren’t really in good enough condition to sell and I never look at them.

Generally though I have been having a massive sort out and am trying to encourage Mr. M to join in although as yet he isn’t taking the hint. I wouldn’t mind but his wardrobe door will not shut properly and that annoys me, his vast collection of militaria is making its way out basically because he has too much in there.

I’ve also sorted out a couple of boxes of craft supplies that I intend to take to church for messy church ( creative day at church). I’m sure they can use the items and I have too much of it to even notice it will be gone.

So all in all I am feeling quite virtuous today I have done what I had set out to do and been around and gradually liking what I see. I want more order within the house but I still like to have my craft supplies and books but just not so much of them. Today has been good even though the weather is overcast without even a glimpse of the sun.

Never mind I will share with you my last little doll I made, she is so cute (well I am thinking so) I’m not sure who to give her to. However Mother has a fete/bazaar later on in the year at the disability centre she attends and I promised to make some things for that.

I’m hoping you have all had a relaxed sunday full of happiness with your familiesxx

Toddle Oops for now




Happy Monday or what!!!!!!


Well hi honeybees

have had a fab day and have done some sewing and made this little creature above for a friend of mine that has just started a new job. Norfolk today was glorious sunshine all day and its still bright but just a bit breezy.

I think i’m on a roll at the moment. As some of you might know I’m prone to depression and to say the winter had got me down was an understatement. How many more dark days were there going to be. Not today though , so I jumped out of bed at sixthirty to make the most of it. After much dithering and housework, and then the weekly shop I actually made it to my sewing room.

I would quite like to go outside and set up the sewing machine but our grden hasn’t much shade, and after my skin cancer i’m totally freaked out if the suns rays hit my face!! The thing is i have never been into sunbathing or even liked the sun so to get cancer was a shock. However like the Consultant said to me my red hair and fair complexion didn’t do a lot for me in that respect.

So in my sewing room i’ve been making another little sock bunny, and I must say this one’s a little strange looking but that’s probably in keeping with a lot of my makes.

Still i’m not worried about the look of bunny, I just know I love what I do and feel so energised and happy after making something. I first got into crafts whilst in hospital in the arts and crafts room in West Suffolk Hospital , Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk. So hospital does have its uses even if I was very unwell at the time.

Little Bunny is going to live with Cecilia who has just started a new job today , so it’s especially made for her and I hope she likes her and she brings a smile to her face.

Tommorow I think I will make a doll, I’m not quite sure who for or what she will look like but i’m sure inspiration will follow me along the way.

Good night Honeybees

i’m off to see Cecilia and Co.

Have a great Evening and let me know what you are all up too so I can visit you

Toodle oops


Creativity comes in many forms

Hi HoneypiesXXXXXXX God Bless you all and I hope you are having a lovely weekend. After looking for my camera for most of the week I eventually found it hiding behind some books on the bookcase. Oh silly me , and now I have got behind with my posts as I did intend to post on Wednesday. As you know I sew and knit and crochet practically everyday apart from when i’m struck down with bursitis in my shoulder as I was in January and February of this year.

I thought I would show you some of my latest makes (more sock monkeys and bunnies!) i’ve found they are addictive! now I’m looking at socks in a whole different way. So if you notice me peering down at your ankles don’t worry I haven’t developed a foot fetish. No i’m just trying to taker a peek at your socks for inspiration for my next little character that is going to emerge from my own little hands. Here’s my latest little bunny that was created from a pair of socks from poundland (totally love poundland at the moment the wonders of all those socks in there)


I think she’s so sweet but then i’m fairly easily pleased with my work!! probably a bit childish I know I expect I operate at about age seven for my creative talents!!!!!!! however since seven year olds are totally free thinkers and create from the heart i’m not too worried.

Now you might be wondering as I only work part- time what I do with all those other hours in the day . I mean could I possibly knit and sew all day. Well no not exactly but I go to a lot of knit and knatter groups and craft groups here in Dereham. There are a lot of us creative ladies about. Before you think it’s just a bunch of old biddies let me tell you its definately not as our youngest member (well he’s really our group mascot) has just has his second birthday. He comes with his mum which demonstrates we do have younger members.

I’m not quite sure why people often deride the older person anyway, they are real funky people to hang out with. They have a lifetime of stories to tell and below the greying hair and laughter  lines is a wealth of life experience and interesting tales to tell. I really got enthused about the elderly after attending a reminiscence course with Norfolk County Council a few years ago. I now practice remeiniscence in work and go see my older patients and talk with them about their past memories. Apparently a lot of research has shown it’s very therapeutic for them. So if you ever get the chance to go on a Reminiscence course then go you will find its extremely rewarding and might open up memories of your younger days that you thought you had forgotten.

WEll I must leave you all now with a few more pictures of my makes. Some of you might of seen some of these before but I wanted to show off too wordpress my makesxx I’m off for the weekend to Suffolk to go to a friends birthday party and stay at my motherinlaws. I’m taking with me a beautiful pale pink blanket i’m making and hope to show you some progress of that soonxx


Little sock doll again made out of a pair of socks for a pound and fabric scraps for the dress and scarf.


More monkeys! Bless those little chapsxx


Little Amurgurmi Elephant , single crochet throughoutxxx given to Miss E.


Bunny made from fleece and fabric scraps for dress.

All of my fabric scraps come from charity shops where they usually have baskets full of vintage fabric. One of the charity shops in Dereham gives the fabric away  as long as you give a donation to their causexxx.

Toddle oops honey pies have an awesome weekend

auntie pippaxxxx

Memories of Sundays as a Child


As a child we always went to church at the local Church of England and then onto sunday school half way through the service. My grandad was the Verger so it was important for us to attend and every sunday uncle Jack would pick me up and off we would go with my cousin Caroline. We spent most of the service crawling along the aisles and knocking all the tapestry cushions off getting really frowned at by uncle Jack. I think he must of been glad when we eventually went off to sunday school.

After church it was home to mum and dad with my little pictures of bible stories etc. Then we would all sit down to a large roast dinner something I absolutely hated , and my mum spent the whole time trying to get me to eat some. (yes I really was like that)

In the afternoon I would go off to see my Grandma who lived in a little church cottage across three fields from where we lived. I used to walk on my own but there was never any question about my safety  and I never worried about going. I would take Grandma something from the garden from my Dad and she would always give me a lovely bunch of homegrown flowers to take back to my mum.

At Grandmas we spent time doing jigsaws and playing games like lexicon and scrabble and lots of word games. then later on we would sit down to tea to homemade cakes . Grandma was a great at baking and there would be lots of lovely cakes something I definately loved!! as you know that hasn’t changed . Then we would sit down to watch programmes like black beauty or anne of green gables and Grandma would usually nod off to sleep. whilst Grandad for the umpteenth time would get out his pocket watch to give it a polish.

Grandma had a lot of victorian religous pictures about the place and that’s probably why I like them myself as they bring back fond memories. The above picture I got just last week at a charity shop in Fakenham for £2.00. However Mr M  does not share my love of these pictures , I have quite a few now and believe it or not they are quite rare. I’m not quite sure what happened to the plethora of victorian religous pictures but there aren’t that many about now.

Sundays now are a lot different to my childhood days. I work as a nurse on some sundays and if i’m not working i’m generally relaxing and sewing and writing in my journals. I do go to the baptist church in Dereham but that is so different to the very strict service of the Church of England . however I have to say I like both types of service and  it’s nice to have some diversity amongst the churches.

Well i’m hoping you are all having a relaxed sunday doing what you like best and spending time with family and friends it’s nice to recharge the battereies for the coming week and reflect on days gone past. As for me Mr. M is working until four o clock and then will be home and we will probably have an early supper and off to bed early to read and for me sewing and maybe reading on my kindle.

God Bless


auntie pippaxx




PS. I will be posting on Wednesday about my recent obsession with sock monkeys and pictures of all my latest makesxxx

Bluebell Wood


We made our annual trip to see the bluebells in Foxley wood Norfolk on thursday afternoon. We had been to Fakenham market in the morning but realized if we didn’t make a trip to Foxley soon we would miss the bluebells. This is difficult to time exactly due to differing weather conditions each year. However I have to say it was the most amazing wood filled to the brim of beautiful bluebells, and the scent was equally gratifying.

As a child we would go somewhere similar every year with our mother. On with the wellies and off we’d go. We would come back laden with bunches of bluebells because in those days you could pick wild flowers and nobody minded.They would adorn every windowsill in the house in jamjars and the like. So it brings back happy mermories of childhood and I just have to go every year to see them.

Back onto the subject of sock monkeys!! well I have been buying socks at a rate of knots and have my dining room table laden with them all ready to be turned into some wonderful creatures. Yesterday I just had to make something before I went to work. I was due at work at four o clock in the afternoon and normally on a friday morning I would be at the library knitting with friends. However because we had been out on thursday we had missed a courier delivery of Miss Annabella’s ! she was awaiting a very important parcel so I duly arranged it for friday morning . I didn’t want to waste what would of been some creative me time, so set about making a doll out of a pair of socks purchased the day before at the market. I bought three pairs for two pounds and only used one pair plus stuffing and scraps of material for the dress and scarf. As I’ve said before I have a multitude of scraps of material waiting to be used and this was the perfect project.

Here’s a picture of little honeybunny, Because I’m a doll fan and always have been I absolutely love her. But I can well understand some people do not like dolls full stop. As a child I used to have mine all lined up across the bedroom floor  and I kept them pristine and hated other children coming around and wrecking them. Yes I was very doll orientated. Anyway have a peek at my new addition she is so cute ,


and here is a close up of her little face


She probably cost about two pounds to  make as I buy my toy stuffing very cheaply in bulk. Anyway I have also made several more sock monkeys and they are much better than my first attempt. Today we are off out later but in the meantime i’m off to do some sewing , who knows what I will end up making?

Toddle oops honey pies

auntie pippaxxx

Sock Monkey Nightmares

Sunday afternoon.

Mr, M was working this last sunday and Cecilias husband was on business in Scotland so myself and Cecilia decided to have a craft afternoon. Cecilia was going to show me how to spin wool which is a very long process which requires a lot of patience. I decided to make a sock monkey, something less taxing on the brain and I could do this whilst watching Cecilia spin her wool.

The afternoon progressed and after a leisurely tea we sat down to relax and for some reason the conversation turned to things that frightened us. Cecilia was recalling a holiday we had all gone on in York and we had visited the York dungeons. She was saying how it became real to her and she was really frightened and freaked out by the whole expereince. I said that didn’t bother me in the least but I hated horror films or anything verging on the sinister and I think I might be like this because in the sixties when I grew up every weekend there would be a Hammer Horror film on. We would be visiting one of my mums sisters till late into the night and their I was taking it all in, only about five years old watching these movies. To this day I really dislike any films of this kind. The evening progressed and we continued to chat about what frightened us but just in a light hearted way.

Come ninethirtyish and I thought I had better set off for home and stuffed my sock monkey into a carrier bag and off I went.

The journey from Weasenham to Dereham is approximately twelve miles, however it is dark and windy country lanes all the way. Before the government even got eco friendly and decided to switch off street lights this was already happening in this part of Norfolk. There simply aren’t many of them about and you can pass through villages with only lights from the houses so it’s generally very dark.

Well as I was meandering through the lanes back home I suddenly heard a rustle and it was definately coming from the bag with the sock monkey!!


It suddenly felt very eerie in the car and I could feel my heart beating very loud, . Well you don’t need to tell me I might be a little stupid as sock monkeys do not generally come alive!!! I know this but I suddenly felt very frightened !!! all that talk about horror movies must of gone to my head!! yes I have always had a very expansive imagination.

I can honestly say I was relieved when I finally got back to Dereham, and I left sock monkey in the car for the night , no more trouble from him.

Now there is definately something about this monkey he has such a real little character, i’m sure I had just overdosed on to much talk about frightening things and coupled with a lonely journey along deserted lanes my imagination took over.

I’m loving this little monkey and like always when I make something I like it means there will be several more to follow. Anyway here’s a few more pictures of him and as you’ll see he really does have a little character all of his own.

Happy Tuesday friends


lots of love

mad auntie pippaxxxxxxxx




Thursday mishaps


More colourful inspiration for all you that adore colour like me. I’ve had one of those afternoons when although I have a lot of inspiration nothing appears to be going right. I,ve had several attempts at sewing various things and i’m not happy with any of them , it’s not that i’m unduly fussy either, it’s more that today nothing is going quite right. So I definately will not be uploading pictures of my makes today.

I also spent a large part of the morning looking for a particular piece of material which hasn’t shown up yet much to my dismay and i’m really hoping it hasn’t gone in the charity bin clearout. That would be typical of me not taking care of what I throw out so I really hope not.

The above two pictures got sent to my facebook and here are a few more I find them very uplifting and inspirational , hoping you are not having the muddled day that I am

Happy Thursday or what is remaining of it


Love those woolly jumpers!!


Beautiful blossomxx


Tulips , love these multi coloured ones

Toodle oops honey pies

see you soon

Auntie Pippaxx

Psychaedelic car

Psychaedelic car

Just love this car would look nice pulling that super duper multi coloured caravan in a previous postxx

Hi there!!Today is knitting at the library. It’s


Hi there!!

Today is knitting at the library. It’s a group of about twelve of us that meet to knit and natter or crochet and it’s more of a social gathering than anything. Afterwards we sometimes go off for lunch together (not one of those posh ladies that lunch do’s) .No ours is at the local baptist church coffee shop that is open on friday morning and sells an extremely cheap lunch and very friendly staff, also free refills on your coffee of tea that only cost about fifty pence in the first place!!

I made the little elephant last year and it comes out of the book the it is sitting on Super Cute Crochet. It was so simple to make just single crochet throughout, or for those that are american I think it’s double crochet stitch.They make nice gifts to give to newborn babies, something that we have in abundance at Meadow House where I work. It appears there is a pregnancy epidemic going on!  Not for me (haha) i’m way too old and past all of that and just waiting for grandchildren. At fifty two I feel sometimes i’ll never get any as a lot of my friends became grandparents in their midthirties. Goodness me they’ll be greatgrannies by the time i’m a granny.

This afternoon I hope to go and take some pictures in and around Norfolk although i’m not quite sure where at the moment. I was thinking about a trip into Norwich. Now wouldn’t that be nice, lovely market and lots to see and do. I love Norwich as it has a good mix of old and new and vintage shops you just have to know where to find them.

So hope you all have an awesome day I’m out tommorow with friends aunt cecilia and quentin and we are off to the Burston Strike School so that should be interesting and a walk and picnic. Let’s hope this weather holds out as it’s been really beautiful here over the past few days.


auntie pippaxx

ps. i just previewed this post and the writing has come out huge but I don’t know why? i’m still working my way around bloggyland and have a lot to learn about how to set up my page properly. Thanks for all the comments I am getting I’m not quite sure why a lot of them aren’t showing up either but I really do appreciate the feedback and I hope to visit some of your bloggs real soonxx

Happy Housewife Thursday

Hi everyone,

                     for those of you that do not know I am an imsomniac (cannot sleep) at the moment i’m going through a particarly awful phase of this. However I must admit last night I did get some shut eye with some help from some chemicals the GP gave me. You can only take these as a short term option because they are addictive so i’m just hoping to get a sleep pattern back.

Today I am hoping to do some sewing and also some of my art journal. I keep an art journal of sorts but am not in anyway one of those supertalented professional types. Mine is a mere jotting down of thoughts and poems and scribbles and childish drawings about my life.

I think I’ve said before that a lot of people asume you have to be good at something to do it. Well in my opinion that’s a load of nonsense and creativity comes from within. As children you never hear a child say I’m not any good at drawing or painting. They have a much more fluid and give it a go attitude.

As adults that kind of creativity has often been knocked out of people either at school, from peers or parents and they become self conscious and believe that they cannot try anything unless its perfect.

WEll i’m not one of those people however I used to be. That was until I was ill in 1998 and spent several months in hospital where they had an amazing art therapy room. suddenly the inner child in me was awakened and I began to paint and draw doodle and write.

Now my days are spent pursuing these kind of activities and my days never appear full unless I have given myself to some sort of project that involves using my creative skills.

Well thursday rant over!!!!!!!

I’m hoping you all have a funfilled day. Later on I am going to work. I work as a nurse in a very busy home for young people that have life limiting neuro conditions. We also intake some people with learning disabilities and mental health issues. I love my work it is extremely rewarding but I only work eighteen hours a week as it can be very stressful.

I thought I would introduce you to Mumpo our beautiful kitten. We were distraught when last year we had another kitten (meadow) and to our dismay when she was about six months old she went off never to be seen again. We flyposted over one hundred houses and local supermarkets etc. But we never ever found her and we were so upset about that. So Mumpo is even more precious , she was a gift to my son from his girlfriend and he named her Mumpo (african for gift) . She is so beautiful and as you will see has beautiful markings. Even the vet commented on how wonderful she is.Anyway here’s a peek of her and feel free to leave comments on her i’m sure she will feel pleased!