2011-05-28 18.20.19 2011-05-28 18.13.53 2011-05-28 18.23.36 2011-05-28 18.21.31 2011-05-28 18.12.41Hi honeybees,

how are you all and my express apologies for not being about at all this year!!! Where has the time gone I ask myself. I have been ever so busy I assure you. Lots of lovely crafting and days out with my two companions smudge and poppy. The year is now coming to an end and I have missed recording any of it so I am sad about that. Over the nxt few days I shall share with you some of the projects I have been up to over the last few months. I cannot show you everything because some of it has already been given away as presents for birthdays etc.

Its all change here in Norfolk as I have a new job!!! plus I get to keep my old one ? sounds strange but its true. I have for a long time been wanting to work in activities for people in care homes. As you might already know I am a registered nurse so its quite a change to do something totally different. A post for an activities assistant came up within the same company in a different home which happens to be just four miles from where I live. I went for the interview and they said I could choose the days to work , it would be fifteen hours over three days. So I chose tuesday,wednesday and thursday. Every other weekend I will work my twilight shifts at my current place of work as a nurse. Totally I will still work eighty hours a month so it has all turned out just as I wanted. I am very excited to do something totally different and creative but of course am super glad to be able to continue working as a nurse keeping in touch with my patients. So that is what has been happening over here.

Apart from that I have been busy meeting with friends going to my different craft clubs. Knitting on fridays in the library with friends, monday nights once a month at church for craft. Also tuesday afternoon at salvation army which sadly I will now be giving up.I will miss the Salvation army get together. We have been knitting for the homeless, for orphanages and for local fishermen. they are an absolute great bunch of ladies and very dedicated to helping the less fortunate in society and I will miss them.

Above are some of my recent makes from left to right as follows:

1. Mobias wrap , it might be for me but at the moment I cannot decide.

2. lovely chunky knit blanket for my spare room. Its really big it fits a single bed and is super warm. it crocheted up in just three days, now thats my kinda project. My daughter wants one now in different colours.

3. Shawl for my nana for christmas, I hope she makes it as next week she will be ninety eight. She loves the shawls I make as they keep her nice and toasty.

4. chunky crochet bag for a friend for christmas, made it in an afternoon its another super quick make.

5. another view of the blanket its not a very good picture but gives you more of an idea of the colurs I used. Some was just scrap leftover. For the main part I used Robin chunky which they are currently selling in QD at 3.99 a 200g ball. I used a total of five balls.


Well must go now as I have a\ house to tidy , dogs to walk and dinner to think about preparing for later. Happy weekend to you all. Feel free to post comments as I would like to come and see what you have all been up toxx

much love



About pippamoore1961

I love to knit sew and craft, paint papier mache and explore my creativity. Jogging alongside me each day are my two spaniels poppy and smudge and our small kitten mumpo, i'm married and have three grown up children. I love to do all this whilst listening to radio three but occaqssionaly radio four , i also love all music from the sixties and seventies, in my mind everything went downhill after that!! however that;s just a personal opinion.

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  1. Nice to see you back again, congratulations on the new job – it sounds perfect! I shall look forward to seeing some of the projects you’ve been busy with! xx

  2. Roxastribe says:

    Hey Pippa!
    Gorgeous knitting! I’m loving the colours! And so good to see you blogging again!ūüėä

    • thankyou , yes i love all things yarny i have some more to show very soon. actually its crochet thats a lot easier and faster than knitting right up my street as you get results quickerx thanks for stopping byx

all comments are greatly appreeciated and i will reply to everyonexx

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