I’m really loving all this yarn bombing that is going on right now all over the world. It is gathering pace and brightening up many of our city streets.

I particularly would like to yarn bomb my bike and I recently found this image on facebook that gives me oodles of inspiration.


isn’t it absolutely lovely. I am definately going to do this as I have oodles of spare bright colourful yarn. I will certainly get noticed on a bike like that.

I wouldn’t mind yarn bombing the tree in our garden as well. Presumably it doesn’t do them any harm ? hopefully the tree will not mind being prettified. Here’s some more pictures from around the globe of yarn bombing. Hope you like them.




Today I intend to get creative. I have a number of W.I.P (work in progress) .Firstly I am renovating a vintage 1950s dolls pram , complete with antique doll and all handmade covers and blankets.

Secondly I have two blankets to finish as wll as two piles of squares to sew into blankets. One lot are all different cables in cream and the other lot are just plain red . I intend to join them with crochet using one colour throughout.

I have also two patchwork quilts to finish. I’m quite pleased with them so far. I recently went to a patchwork workshop day in North Tuddenham village hall nr Dereham Norfolk to learn some new skills. I met some lovely ladies who meet once monthly to share experience, advice and friendship. I was making a quilt for a baby and did the top of the quilt in the four hours at the workshop. However I am still not very good at getting my squares to line up exactly straight. There is a knack to it and I haven’t accomplished it yet! Needles to say i’m sure pratice will make perfect (well hope so). At any rate by the time the quilt is all sewn up it will still look good to me . You cannot always make something handmadey and make it look perfect. I mean I cannot anyway !

I’m not quite sure what to do with the large pink quilt I have made. I did think to send it to my auntie for christmas but we shall see. It has beautiful fabric bought over at grace and favour. they have an etsy shop called grace and favour13 and a facebook page called grace and favour if you are interested in taking a peek at their fabric.  It’s so resonably priced and I was very pleased with what they sent . I would send you the link but I cannot see where to link on wordpress (eek) I need to sit down one afternoon and really sort out my blogg. So far it’s all hit and miss as I’m usually in so much of a hurry.

Meanwhile I will just share a couple of my latest monkeys! I’m actually all monkeed out now and shall not be making many more. I have a couple of girls at work that want them but once they are done I’m onto pastures new. That’s how I get, I go wholeheartedly into making something for about two weeks then i’ve had enough.


These two were made for a work colleagues grandson who unfortunately had chickenpox.I remember that well , itching all over. So I sent him these to cheer him up ,poor little bunny, every little child needs a cuddly toy when they are unwell. When I had the measles I remember asking my Dad for a teddy and can remember excitedly running to the window to see if he’d bought me one home (oh sweet memories)

Well must go as I will not be getting creative at all and to anyone that is reading this it’s so hot here today in Norfolk. I’m sure it’s going to be way up there in degrees. We need to savour the expereince , England has long dqrk cold wet winters. Long may the sun shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toodleooops Honeypies



About pippamoore1961

I love to knit sew and craft, paint papier mache and explore my creativity. Jogging alongside me each day are my two spaniels poppy and smudge and our small kitten mumpo, i'm married and have three grown up children. I love to do all this whilst listening to radio three but occaqssionaly radio four , i also love all music from the sixties and seventies, in my mind everything went downhill after that!! however that;s just a personal opinion.

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  1. misswhiplash says:

    oh wow auntiepippa you are such a busy lady…it is great to hear that life for you is so full. I would love to be creative but I just don’t have the patience….I started some cross stitch over 10 years ago and its still not finished

  2. You are such a busy lady! I love the monkeys. Will we get to see the restored pram when its done?

  3. Gillian says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Pippa. I just love that yarn bombed bike in the first photo.

    Gillian x

all comments are greatly appreeciated and i will reply to everyonexx

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