Hi HoneypiesXXXXXXX God Bless you all and I hope you are having a lovely weekend. After looking for my camera for most of the week I eventually found it hiding behind some books on the bookcase. Oh silly me , and now I have got behind with my posts as I did intend to post on Wednesday. As you know I sew and knit and crochet practically everyday apart from when i’m struck down with bursitis in my shoulder as I was in January and February of this year.

I thought I would show you some of my latest makes (more sock monkeys and bunnies!) i’ve found they are addictive! now I’m looking at socks in a whole different way. So if you notice me peering down at your ankles don’t worry I haven’t developed a foot fetish. No i’m just trying to taker a peek at your socks for inspiration for my next little character that is going to emerge from my own little hands. Here’s my latest little bunny that was created from a pair of socks from poundland (totally love poundland at the moment the wonders of all those socks in there)


I think she’s so sweet but then i’m fairly easily pleased with my work!! probably a bit childish I know I expect I operate at about age seven for my creative talents!!!!!!! however since seven year olds are totally free thinkers and create from the heart i’m not too worried.

Now you might be wondering as I only work part- time what I do with all those other hours in the day . I mean could I possibly knit and sew all day. Well no not exactly but I go to a lot of knit and knatter groups and craft groups here in Dereham. There are a lot of us creative ladies about. Before you think it’s just a bunch of old biddies let me tell you its definately not as our youngest member (well he’s really our group mascot) has just has his second birthday. He comes with his mum which demonstrates we do have younger members.

I’m not quite sure why people often deride the older person anyway, they are real funky people to hang out with. They have a lifetime of stories to tell and below the greying hair and laughter  lines is a wealth of life experience and interesting tales to tell. I really got enthused about the elderly after attending a reminiscence course with Norfolk County Council a few years ago. I now practice remeiniscence in work and go see my older patients and talk with them about their past memories. Apparently a lot of research has shown it’s very therapeutic for them. So if you ever get the chance to go on a Reminiscence course then go you will find its extremely rewarding and might open up memories of your younger days that you thought you had forgotten.

WEll I must leave you all now with a few more pictures of my makes. Some of you might of seen some of these before but I wanted to show off too wordpress my makesxx I’m off for the weekend to Suffolk to go to a friends birthday party and stay at my motherinlaws. I’m taking with me a beautiful pale pink blanket i’m making and hope to show you some progress of that soonxx


Little sock doll again made out of a pair of socks for a pound and fabric scraps for the dress and scarf.


More monkeys! Bless those little chapsxx


Little Amurgurmi Elephant , single crochet throughoutxxx given to Miss E.


Bunny made from fleece and fabric scraps for dress.

All of my fabric scraps come from charity shops where they usually have baskets full of vintage fabric. One of the charity shops in Dereham gives the fabric away  as long as you give a donation to their causexxx.

Toddle oops honey pies have an awesome weekend

auntie pippaxxxx


About pippamoore1961

I love to knit sew and craft, paint papier mache and explore my creativity. Jogging alongside me each day are my two spaniels poppy and smudge and our small kitten mumpo, i'm married and have three grown up children. I love to do all this whilst listening to radio three but occaqssionaly radio four , i also love all music from the sixties and seventies, in my mind everything went downhill after that!! however that;s just a personal opinion.

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  1. misswhiplash says:

    what a clever auntipippa you are ..all these beautiful creations..you are very clever with your fingers…mine are way past tryi ng to do such intricate things. I am sure that some child will adore getting such a gift

all comments are greatly appreeciated and i will reply to everyonexx

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