More colourful inspiration for all you that adore colour like me. I’ve had one of those afternoons when although I have a lot of inspiration nothing appears to be going right. I,ve had several attempts at sewing various things and i’m not happy with any of them , it’s not that i’m unduly fussy either, it’s more that today nothing is going quite right. So I definately will not be uploading pictures of my makes today.

I also spent a large part of the morning looking for a particular piece of material which hasn’t shown up yet much to my dismay and i’m really hoping it hasn’t gone in the charity bin clearout. That would be typical of me not taking care of what I throw out so I really hope not.

The above two pictures got sent to my facebook and here are a few more I find them very uplifting and inspirational , hoping you are not having the muddled day that I am

Happy Thursday or what is remaining of it


Love those woolly jumpers!!


Beautiful blossomxx


Tulips , love these multi coloured ones

Toodle oops honey pies

see you soon

Auntie Pippaxx


About pippamoore1961

I love to knit sew and craft, paint papier mache and explore my creativity. Jogging alongside me each day are my two spaniels poppy and smudge and our small kitten mumpo, i'm married and have three grown up children. I love to do all this whilst listening to radio three but occaqssionaly radio four , i also love all music from the sixties and seventies, in my mind everything went downhill after that!! however that;s just a personal opinion.

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  1. kate0795 says:

    We all have those days when our creativity goes awry….sometimes I just leave it and start afresh another day or do something different. I love those little lambs in the woolly tank tops!! Kx

  2. rosyragpatch says:

    I love the petal strewn path. It’s really beautiful.
    I think we all have days like yours; I hope tomorrow goes better.

    • yes hope so anyway just been out this evening to the theatre to see calendar girls it was really good and at least i could relaxxx thx for visiting my bloggxx

  3. Kate says:

    Great photos, thanks for sharing!

all comments are greatly appreeciated and i will reply to everyonexx

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