Hi there!!

Today is knitting at the library. It’s a group of about twelve of us that meet to knit and natter or crochet and it’s more of a social gathering than anything. Afterwards we sometimes go off for lunch together (not one of those posh ladies that lunch do’s) .No ours is at the local baptist church coffee shop that is open on friday morning and sells an extremely cheap lunch and very friendly staff, also free refills on your coffee of tea that only cost about fifty pence in the first place!!

I made the little elephant last year and it comes out of the book the it is sitting on Super Cute Crochet. It was so simple to make just single crochet throughout, or for those that are american I think it’s double crochet stitch.They make nice gifts to give to newborn babies, something that we have in abundance at Meadow House where I work. It appears there is a pregnancy epidemic going on!  Not for me (haha) i’m way too old and past all of that and just waiting for grandchildren. At fifty two I feel sometimes i’ll never get any as a lot of my friends became grandparents in their midthirties. Goodness me they’ll be greatgrannies by the time i’m a granny.

This afternoon I hope to go and take some pictures in and around Norfolk although i’m not quite sure where at the moment. I was thinking about a trip into Norwich. Now wouldn’t that be nice, lovely market and lots to see and do. I love Norwich as it has a good mix of old and new and vintage shops you just have to know where to find them.

So hope you all have an awesome day I’m out tommorow with friends aunt cecilia and quentin and we are off to the Burston Strike School so that should be interesting and a walk and picnic. Let’s hope this weather holds out as it’s been really beautiful here over the past few days.


auntie pippaxx

ps. i just previewed this post and the writing has come out huge but I don’t know why? i’m still working my way around bloggyland and have a lot to learn about how to set up my page properly. Thanks for all the comments I am getting I’m not quite sure why a lot of them aren’t showing up either but I really do appreciate the feedback and I hope to visit some of your bloggs real soonxx


all comments are greatly appreeciated and i will reply to everyonexx

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