Hi that’s me a happy norfolk housewife!!

I wasn’t always happy , after myself and my husband had a period of illhealth several years ago we decided enough was enough and decided to move to calmer surroundings.

We took the plunge and decided to move and chose Dereham Norfolk. Mainly because it was inbetween the university in Norwich and Kings Lynn hospital, as my husband was going back to nursing school to finish his nurse training.

For myself I am qualified as a nurse in 1981!! yes all those years ago and today I work in a nursing home in Swaffham Norfolk, nursing seriously ill patients that are affected by life limiting neurological conditions. We also take a few patients with learning disability and mental health issues. However enough about work as you may realize as a nurse I cannot talk about much of what I do because of confidentiality but all I can say is that I love what I do and although I only work eighteen hours a week it’s an extremely fulfilling job to have and we have a great team.

This weekend I am hoping (weather permitting to go with my friends to Burston  strike school )Suffolk.

Burston school was apparently the site of the longest held strike ever! and hopefully we will get to see inside the school. Apparently its  a real small school but filled with memorabilia from the strike.

Afterwards we are off on and walk of a few miles and a picnic. If time permits and if everyone wants to we are coming back here to have a craft evening. I have a lot of little craft sets that I have purchased over the months and we thought we would use them up and have a fun evening of pizza popcorn and lots of laughter no doubt.

By the way we are all grown up!!  apart from my friends two teenagers however i’m sure they will join in there is nothing like getting back to childhood to release some happy hormones.

On a more serious note I am beavering away very busy making christmas presents.Yes you did indeed hear me right CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

I got the idea after my friend gave me the most gorgeous handmade angora blanket this last year. So here I am making my first attempts at presents. I started with a quilt for my brother used up lots of material hanging around. It looks real nice and I’m rather pleased with it. Now i’m making another one for my friend out of more material from the archives.

If you are wondering where I get all my supplies from then wonder no more. I just cannot resist material seen in charity shops, sales, and new discounted  fabric. I have so much of it I need to use some of it up so I will not even have to go and buy anything to make a lot of my presents.

Well its getting  a little cloudy here and I am going to take my two dogs out for a walk. They are Poppy and Smudge a cocker spaniel and a cavalier. I need to get out before it rains as it looks like it could


bye for now

happy norfolk housewifexx



About pippamoore1961

I love to knit sew and craft, paint papier mache and explore my creativity. Jogging alongside me each day are my two spaniels poppy and smudge and our small kitten mumpo, i'm married and have three grown up children. I love to do all this whilst listening to radio three but occaqssionaly radio four , i also love all music from the sixties and seventies, in my mind everything went downhill after that!! however that;s just a personal opinion.

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  1. Jodi Lea says:

    Hi Pippa, thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to “follow” it. I’m finding yours pretty cool as well 🙂
    Stay happy & blogging!

all comments are greatly appreeciated and i will reply to everyonexx

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