For My Friend Debbie XXXXXXXXXXXX

Today My friend Debbie has sadly passed away . She was only a couple of years older than me and I still cannot believe that someone so young and full of life could of been taken . Debbie was an amazing person a true inspiration to everyone she met.

I first met Debbie in 1984 when I was a young mum having just moved to Haverhill in Suffolk. The first afternoon we met we talked and talked about life, kids and motherhood. Debbies two odler boys Ben and Barney were at school but there was lots of fun and games with Sam and Saul. We laughed so much and became firm friends right away. From then on I was a frequent visitor to Debbies and she often cooked me and Zac tea , saying another two people wouldnt make any difference.

Saturday afternoons were often spent with Debbies husband Martin driving us from one jumble sale to another and coming home loaded with bags and bags of clothes and toys for the children. We even all got into Martins VW camper van one saturday and drove down to Surrey for a Jumble Sale. How mad was that. There was by then Debbies six children and myself and Zac , so altogether ten of us!!!  We also used to regularly go shopping to Cambridge to a discount store for food where again we would all pile into the VW camper  and off we would go.

Debbie loved life she loved people. she appeared happiest when the house was full to the brim. People were always popping by for a cuppa she had an open door for anyone .She would be talking but working away baking biscuits every afternoon for when the kids got back from school , she seemed to have so much energy I could never have coped with all that, but Debbie took it all in her stride unfazed by all the children.

As time went on Debbie applied to be a foster mother as well and looked after children to give their own parents a rest!

However as well as Debbies own love of children she was a great thinker , a writer a poet, she was really intelligent, she read a huge ammount of books and was an adult education teacher.

Early on this year Debbie told me she had the Big C. She was quite philosophical about it, she knew she might die and she said she wasnt afraid. She didnt want to have chemo. She asked me what I thought. I told her well its up to you, only you can decide. Debbie tried so hard to beat the cancer by a special diet of juiced vegetables.

Unfortunately she lost her battle and I found out this morning when I came down and switched on facebook. Debbie you were a real warrior you had a heart of Gold , you were mad, colourful , bright and happy, you were the most ecccentric person I know  , you were a deep thinker, spiritual , an activist ,poet, Mother, Daughter, Grandmother  , you were truly an amazing inspirational human being and I am truly blessed to of had a friend like you.  God Bless dear friend until we meet againxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I Say a little Prayer for You    ( Arethra Franklin) ..

rag rug making


Hi there my lovlies

just a short post about making rag rugs. I got interested in these a few years ago when I was lucky enough to go on a rag rug making course with Jenni Stuart Anderson in Shropshire. A fantastic weekend and it inspired me to make this one of a mermaid. Rag rugs are made using half to one inch width of fabric pulled through a hessian cloth with a prodder or a rug hook. They take a real massive ammount of fabric  but are quite fun to make. The above rug has never really been finished off properly . I made it by drawing an outline onto the hessian first. I actually used a punch hook which I got from an antique shop and I found this easier to use. I think I punched the material upwards from underneath to the surface of the hessian creating small loops. I made a few rugs but havent done any for a long while yet but who knows maybe I will have a go again and try to really design one beforehand and do it all in a more organised way. Anyway what have you all been up to recently? do let me know so I can visit your bloggs to seexx

Bye for now


New Beginningsx

Hello My lovlies,

I have now officially transferred my post and am now working at Bilney Hall in Norfolk. A really lovely residential care home. I am working for the same company but have taken a position as activities coordinator/ art and craft therapy and I absolutely love it.

This past week has been a usual mix of baking in our 1950s retro kitchen, collage art and poetry,storytelling and more. Our residents have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into everything that is offered and to date have made some amazing pieces of art. Especially considering many of them have problems with arthritic hands and poor eyesight , I am so pleased with this new job role.

Today we spent time making lovely wholemeal bread. Later on in the morning we tore loads of pictures out of some old national geographic magazines to make a wonderful collage. They were really pleased with their work and it was brilliant to see a couple of new residents join in as well as they have started to make friends. It must be really daunting going into a care home when you are older. As well as this throw into the mix that often residents come in as an emergency admisssion because a loved one caring for them might of died, so you can imagine how testing a time this is for them. I really love my job, settling them in and making sure they are beginning to feel at home. the care staff are really awesome , so devoted it really is a lovely place .

On the home front I have been buay in the evening doing my usual crochet and bits and bobs. Here is a crochet rug I made. It took just three evenings. It was made with two strands of double knit together in a spiral of single crochet (uk). I backed it with an old woolen blanket to give it some extra strength and durability. Hey presto super duper happy bright rug. However my daughter has just sent me a message via FB saying my photo doesnt do it justice and I am afraid it doesnt. Apparently she is going to show me how to photograph properly. But for now here is my picture. The colours are much more pronounced and jewel like as I crocheted two different colours together.xx Anyway hope you like itxx



A little doll I made a while back for a charity event . She got lots of admirers .I haven’t kept her because her body was just stuffed together quickly. However I intend to make a really large rag doll like her again only properly this time. Her name10150897105413001 was Violet which went well with her outfit that I got from a charity shop. Today it’s bank holiday Monday here in England.We are planning to go out somewhere but the weather is dull overcast and cold. My mum is over so I was going to take her somewhere ,although as yet we are undecided. A very happy Easter break to you all well whats left of it. X


First day of Advent.


very busy day today. I have been with the playgroup this morning making christmas cards with the little ones with christmas trees stuck on and other embellishments. They appeared to love it and always look so pleased with what they have made.

This afternoon I continued to put up a few decorations including hanging the stockings in the hallway. Then this afternoon after David went to work I got out a lot of my crochet projects and began to sew in all the ends. Actually it is part of the project that I quite like as I see everything coming together.

Late this afternoon I lit the advent candle this is the start of christmas and its a part I really like thinking about the true meaning . That can be different for everyone but whatever it is I hope you all have a lovely december and keep it as stressfree as possible

bye for now Auntie Pippax


All Change For the end of the Year.

2011-05-28 18.20.19 2011-05-28 18.13.53 2011-05-28 18.23.36 2011-05-28 18.21.31 2011-05-28 18.12.41Hi honeybees,

how are you all and my express apologies for not being about at all this year!!! Where has the time gone I ask myself. I have been ever so busy I assure you. Lots of lovely crafting and days out with my two companions smudge and poppy. The year is now coming to an end and I have missed recording any of it so I am sad about that. Over the nxt few days I shall share with you some of the projects I have been up to over the last few months. I cannot show you everything because some of it has already been given away as presents for birthdays etc.

Its all change here in Norfolk as I have a new job!!! plus I get to keep my old one ? sounds strange but its true. I have for a long time been wanting to work in activities for people in care homes. As you might already know I am a registered nurse so its quite a change to do something totally different. A post for an activities assistant came up within the same company in a different home which happens to be just four miles from where I live. I went for the interview and they said I could choose the days to work , it would be fifteen hours over three days. So I chose tuesday,wednesday and thursday. Every other weekend I will work my twilight shifts at my current place of work as a nurse. Totally I will still work eighty hours a month so it has all turned out just as I wanted. I am very excited to do something totally different and creative but of course am super glad to be able to continue working as a nurse keeping in touch with my patients. So that is what has been happening over here.

Apart from that I have been busy meeting with friends going to my different craft clubs. Knitting on fridays in the library with friends, monday nights once a month at church for craft. Also tuesday afternoon at salvation army which sadly I will now be giving up.I will miss the Salvation army get together. We have been knitting for the homeless, for orphanages and for local fishermen. they are an absolute great bunch of ladies and very dedicated to helping the less fortunate in society and I will miss them.

Above are some of my recent makes from left to right as follows:

1. Mobias wrap , it might be for me but at the moment I cannot decide.

2. lovely chunky knit blanket for my spare room. Its really big it fits a single bed and is super warm. it crocheted up in just three days, now thats my kinda project. My daughter wants one now in different colours.

3. Shawl for my nana for christmas, I hope she makes it as next week she will be ninety eight. She loves the shawls I make as they keep her nice and toasty.

4. chunky crochet bag for a friend for christmas, made it in an afternoon its another super quick make.

5. another view of the blanket its not a very good picture but gives you more of an idea of the colurs I used. Some was just scrap leftover. For the main part I used Robin chunky which they are currently selling in QD at 3.99 a 200g ball. I used a total of five balls.


Well must go now as I have a\ house to tidy , dogs to walk and dinner to think about preparing for later. Happy weekend to you all. Feel free to post comments as I would like to come and see what you have all been up toxx

much love


Twenty one yrs ago.

Amazing  twenty one years ago and my last baby was born my daughter Eleanor Juliet pearl rosebud , such a little sweetie and I cannot believe where all the years have gone. Today she came around and asked for pancakes for a special birthday breakfast then we went to Wymmondham for a lovely lunch in the Mad Hatters Tea Shop which was cute full of homemadey cakes and toasted sandwiches. The weather was cold and very windy but we are really fortunate here in Norfolk to of escaped the awful floods that have been abating large parts of the country. Here in the East of England much of the bad weather has bypassed us and we have been able to carry on as normal. I have some packs of candles , torches , stove and bits and bobs should all that change but so far luck is on our side.

For the early part of this year I have been reorganising my craft supplies and deciding what to do with all my wares. I really want to use up all current wool and material before buying more and I am now assembling lists in a what to do order. I have at least six unfinished projects that need completing for a start. Before christmas I made my nan and my brother each a quilt and now my mother has asked for one. My daughter is always asking for crocheted blankets so I have plenty to be going on with. In keeping with a lot of other activity on some bloggs I made myself a poncho all out of gorgeous rowan aran wool and a couple of balls of cotton which is at present keeping me nice and toasty.


I was quite pleased with this as my first aqttempt without a pattern and I purposely didnt want a traditional V type poncho.However I have done one of those for my nan and she was real pleased with it. They hook up nice and quick in a couple of evenings and now I am set to make a bright yellow one for springxx

Hope you have all been having fun out in bloggy land and I have missed out a lot as I haven’t been in touch with my blogg for months but have plenty to write about and show you all , please keep me informed of what you are all up to , take care and have a lovely weekendxx


Just love yarn bombing!!!

I’m really loving all this yarn bombing that is going on right now all over the world. It is gathering pace and brightening up many of our city streets.

I particularly would like to yarn bomb my bike and I recently found this image on facebook that gives me oodles of inspiration.


isn’t it absolutely lovely. I am definately going to do this as I have oodles of spare bright colourful yarn. I will certainly get noticed on a bike like that.

I wouldn’t mind yarn bombing the tree in our garden as well. Presumably it doesn’t do them any harm ? hopefully the tree will not mind being prettified. Here’s some more pictures from around the globe of yarn bombing. Hope you like them.




Today I intend to get creative. I have a number of W.I.P (work in progress) .Firstly I am renovating a vintage 1950s dolls pram , complete with antique doll and all handmade covers and blankets.

Secondly I have two blankets to finish as wll as two piles of squares to sew into blankets. One lot are all different cables in cream and the other lot are just plain red . I intend to join them with crochet using one colour throughout.

I have also two patchwork quilts to finish. I’m quite pleased with them so far. I recently went to a patchwork workshop day in North Tuddenham village hall nr Dereham Norfolk to learn some new skills. I met some lovely ladies who meet once monthly to share experience, advice and friendship. I was making a quilt for a baby and did the top of the quilt in the four hours at the workshop. However I am still not very good at getting my squares to line up exactly straight. There is a knack to it and I haven’t accomplished it yet! Needles to say i’m sure pratice will make perfect (well hope so). At any rate by the time the quilt is all sewn up it will still look good to me . You cannot always make something handmadey and make it look perfect. I mean I cannot anyway !

I’m not quite sure what to do with the large pink quilt I have made. I did think to send it to my auntie for christmas but we shall see. It has beautiful fabric bought over at grace and favour. they have an etsy shop called grace and favour13 and a facebook page called grace and favour if you are interested in taking a peek at their fabric.  It’s so resonably priced and I was very pleased with what they sent . I would send you the link but I cannot see where to link on wordpress (eek) I need to sit down one afternoon and really sort out my blogg. So far it’s all hit and miss as I’m usually in so much of a hurry.

Meanwhile I will just share a couple of my latest monkeys! I’m actually all monkeed out now and shall not be making many more. I have a couple of girls at work that want them but once they are done I’m onto pastures new. That’s how I get, I go wholeheartedly into making something for about two weeks then i’ve had enough.


These two were made for a work colleagues grandson who unfortunately had chickenpox.I remember that well , itching all over. So I sent him these to cheer him up ,poor little bunny, every little child needs a cuddly toy when they are unwell. When I had the measles I remember asking my Dad for a teddy and can remember excitedly running to the window to see if he’d bought me one home (oh sweet memories)

Well must go as I will not be getting creative at all and to anyone that is reading this it’s so hot here today in Norfolk. I’m sure it’s going to be way up there in degrees. We need to savour the expereince , England has long dqrk cold wet winters. Long may the sun shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toodleooops Honeypies


Summer Solstice Norfolk

Hi Honeybees

                         well I know its a bit late but here are some pictures taken on the summer solstice when Mr. M and myself went for a lovely evening walk. Hope you like them. I’ve been real busy of late and also tired and headachey. Am in need of a much needed holiday which will be soon! cannot wait , we are off for about ten days to Edinburgh and Durham. Hopefully the weather will of picked up nicely although it never really bothers us much as we do not go to the seaside as we live fairly near and go there often.

Well I must also share with you i’m doing an amazing course at the moment in journalling run online by Jani Franck and its free , check out her blog here  :

This month the focus is on trees so hence I’ve been out taking some pictures and what awesome lovely trees are about , we really do not appreciate them enough , and the beauty they bring to our lives. Can you imagine if there weren’t any, the landscape would look so different. Anyway I hope you all had a lovely midsummer , toodleoops for now auntiepippaxx


Taken in Litcham on the heath at about sixpm.



I particarly liked this one with the trees on the horizon.


just love the way you see the reflection of the trees in the water.


See you soon will be back for another post to catch up with what I have been creating. More sock Monkeys and a quilt in progress plus my journalling, ooh I have been busier than what I thought.xxoff to work later today and tommorow but weekend off so lots of lovely creating and meeting with friends Cecilia and Quentin xx





Mr. Moore’s Garden


Hi Honeybees

Mr. M  has been busy these last few weeks out in the garden. He loves growing perennial flowers and I must admit I love looking at them. We’re in agreement on this at least we aren’t really that fond of bedding plants but prefer the oldfashioned perennials that used to adorn the country cottages of years gone by. Unfortunately due to variable weather this year has taken its toll and we haven’t such a show of plants. I think a lot of our hollyhocks were taken by slugs, goodness me they are so annoying. You just get the plants to how you want them to look and pow! they all gone. We do however have some brilliant poppies like the one above. We have two great clumps of them in various states of flower mode.

Actually in Norfolk at this time of year poppies are everywhere to be seen along the sides of fields and there are some spectacular displays of these on the road between Swaffham and Thetford. I would like to photograph some but although is my day off it’s not the kind of day to embark on that kind of project. The clouds have come over and it’s looking like its about to pour with rain.

Anyway back to Mr. M and his garden. He spends most of summer in the garden clipping this and tweaking that. Does have its bonus though it gets him out of my way!! not such a bad thing i’m not complaining.

Well here are a few more little gems from his collection, what do you think of them?? I’m sure he would be pleased to know



SAM_1340 SAM_1343 SAM_1348 SAM_1334

Well the pansies are bedding plants I know but the rest are from left to right Punctata, Alium, and Lettucesxx

Hope you have a lovely day honeybees even though it looks like rain. Celebrate! we are only half way through the year there is much to do yet,


auntie pippaxx